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Our most frequently asked question is: Does your service work?

From: W. Frank Johnston, President – Eagles De Forte', Inc. BostonRhino/ Rhino Sports
Date: 6/24/04
Subject: Testimonial – Performance

Your unique product of conducting geographic specific marketing research, writing and monitoring the appropriate code for optimization on the prominent search engines as well as aiding me in the development of my website has not only yielded a first class website, but a functional one that provides salient leads. BostonRhino not only generates leads that are not only in New England, but across the United States. This means that clients who live in New England can be anywhere in the U.S. and still find BostonRhino . Even more importantly is the service and level of communication provided to me on an ongoing basis. I could not ask for a better customer service representative than Sara Friedman. She is responsive, intuitive, creative, and a great problem solver. In simple terms, she gets it – she can anticipate and she is considerate, cordial, and succinct in her communication.

Best Regards,

From: Barbara M. Benchoff, Executive Director - LL Science and Technology Alliance
Date: 6/30/2007
Subject: Testimonial - Performance

This letter attests to Bob Friedman's valuable work as a technical advisor to the Board of Directors of the LL Science and Technology Alliance. This is a very small nonprofit group, whose members are largely engaged in education. The Alliance owes a great debt of gratitude to Bob for his unswerving devotion to the cause of educating your Lancaster County students to the critical need to study math and science.

The board conceived a project to produce a CD that would help middle school students learn about the multiplicity of career choices available to them and of the local educational institutions where they could achieve their career goals. Bob took this concept and gave it life. The graphics, design, layout and programming were his creation. He also made his counsel and business acumen available to the organization 24/7. Bob provided a vision that only a businessman could offer in terms of seeking sponsorships to produce the CD. His sound advise helped us create a program that reached over 3500 students in 2006-2007 alone. It would have remained a concept without his efforts, which were largely volunteer in the early phases.

His unconditional support and enthusiasm for the project kept the Alliance going when unexpected problems arose. He would not be satisfied with anything less than a perfect result. He devoted countless, unpaid hours to achieving that end.

He has become a vital force in our organization. In addition to creating the acclaimed "Tech Knowledge" CD Rom, he as also helped the Alliance explore other avenues for developing programs to help students see how math and science are vital to future success. The Alliance owes him an enormous dept of gratitude for his council, technical expertise and dedication to the organization.


You are Located in Pennsylvania, Do you accept out of state clients?

Yes! We do serve the entire United States.