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About Us


Welcome to Pams Press Graphic Design.  We are a family run business that offers personal one on one service since 1974.  We are about quality and not quantity.


Bob Friedman

Bob along with his wife Pam founded Pams Press Graphic Design in 1974 as a boutique marketing/graphic design operation creating logos, branding strategies and imagery. Pams Press Graphic Design also included a proof press business, creating newspapers, newsletters and signage for a wide range of businesses.

Bob brings to the table a wealth of world class knowledge and experience in marketing, media and interactive software development.

From 1985 -1991 Bob served as founding President of KO Productions and Chairman of the Board of The Fight Factory Karate Association for the purpose of developing an International sports marketing/video production operation and thus created “FFKA Professional Full Contact Karate” along with “ESPN Championship Karate.”  This programming was seen nationally on the ESPN cable networks, live broadcasts to TSN Canada as well as in syndication on all the domestic sports channels and International distribution to hundreds of foreign countries.

In addition to multi media creation/distribution Bob is always active in the development of new graphic/imaging/Internet/programming software. Bob’s multi media and software experience goes back to before the original Commodore 64 hit the streets.

In 1996 on his wife’s suggestion: The addition of web development services became to be. Currently web development and Internet marketing is one of the main focus of Pams Press Graphic Design.

Bob currently serves on the prestigious “by appointment only” CorelDraw Graphic Suite Advisory Council which is instrumental in the pre-development stages of software creation. In addition Bob has been involved in testing and debugging software for Corel, Adobe, and Microsoft, etc. for many years.

 “Being involved in the development and testing of new professional software is my way of staying on the cutting edge and having access to the latest software at least 18 months prior to their public release. It also gives me opportunity to help improve the new software and deliver to my accounts the most advanced options.”

Bob has created and produced the ongoing and award winning interactive multi media program “TechKnowledge puts you in control”. TKe is an all inclusive program that introduces Gold Collar Job opportunities for the Lancaster – Lebanon Science and Technology Alliance. A multi media live presentation and a after the live event take home CD that ties students into a live Internet resources directory.  This programming is distributed in schools, to the middle school students and is upgraded on a regular basis. Bob also serves as technical advisor to the LLSTA board of directors.

Bob has created and produced hundreds of custom designed interactive multi media marketing programs both on and off the Internet and on all levels and budgets for business, education, and entertainment and personally oversees all aspects of every project.

In addition to software development Bob has been involved in all aspects of the applications of graphic software in both printing and promotional product production as well as providing on site training to companies that produce this items.


Pam Friedman

Pam is our artistic director and is not only is one of the founders of our company she also is the inspiration for its name.

Pams Press had been started by Pam and Bob Friedman in 1974, originally as a proof press business, creating newspapers, newsletters and signage for local business. Pams Press Graphic Design also provided marketing, graphic design, logo creation, branding strategies and imagery.  Pam had been and still remains an innovator in print media and branding.

In 1995 Pam introduced “promotional products on demand”. This new technology called dye sublimation printing allowed full color printing to be done digitally one at a time on many items. The ability to print one at a time and in full color allows for personal customization on each piece. The possibilities are endless.

Over the years, Pam’s interest in artistry and technology has taken her down many paths, and being an exceptional businesswoman she knew that the Internet would be the next big thing.

In 1996, Pam took Pam’s Press to the next level by offering web design & multi media presentation creation keeping in pace with her motto: Learning should never cease, one stays on top by keeping in touch with the times.

Pam is involved in all aspects of the creation process and oversees every account.

Pam is the wife of Robert Friedman and is proud to have also raised two wonderful daughters Joy and Sara.

PS: Anyone want to buy a used proof press & wood type?


Sara Friedman

 Sara has been infatuated with computers and programming in 1983 when the first Commodore 64 walked in the door.

After years of intense education, in 1996 Sara’s interest went directly towards the Internet where she was among the first wave of web designers and Internet junkies.

After spending years as a designer, Sara’s interests started to point to the search engines. Sara immediately saw the unlimited marketing opportunities the search engines could provide business.

It was crystal clear to Sara that the only way a business web site could be truly successful is if it were high on the search engine search results.  Sara now had to know what made them tick and how to get on the top became her next adventure. 

For the past 5 years Sara spent her time developing and testing cutting edge Internet marketing technology and carefully blending it with traditional off line marketing techniques. The end result proves to be a very successful and cost effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internet marketing program.

Sara’s Internet marketing talents enables Pams Press Graphic Design to not only provide custom web development but to include the option of custom cost effective Internet marketing programs. Programs where you know your total cost up front and are not exposed to the perils of sponsored pay per click programs.”